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Saturday, December 17, 2011



severien, a wooly package is coming your way next week :)
thank you all for the holiday wishes!
may your holidays be filled with lots of love and joy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

spread some colors and joy

thank you for taking the time to come here and leave me comments.
leave me your name and email, i'll pick a lucky recipient at random by end of the week.
there are some wooly goodies and sweet surprise awaits you :)

happy holidays!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

paint it blue

i was never that obsessed or fascinated by it's origin, the process and the people behind it. only until recently after i read an article by Mary Lance who did a story on indigo. i think sri threads was another place that got me hooked, and then i saw more shibori, more boro, mottainai....it is endless! every single pieces are different, some darker and some lighter...iridescent green, blue, dark blue...

i am going to attempt a small wearable piece with habu indigo linen paper and indigo cashmere. i have not decided whether it's going to be a jacket or a pullover. who knows it might take years to finish but i know i am definitely obsessed with the color.

what is true blue?

p.s. thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post. incase if you're curious, those are not my own designs. the linen pullover was inspired different pieces of knitwear. and the aubergine color top was designed by a talented friend - kirsten johnstone.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

not about knitting...

i miss having some knitting content here
i really miss making things
but today, i am not going to complain about how busy i was
or how little time i have for everything...

i recently read a beautiful post written by a stranger that i have never met
it goes like this "having the perfect life is impossible
working hard and having the special someone to share with
makes my life worth living"

i know it sounds simple and familiar
i am learning to be mindful
to remind myself how lucky i am
to have someone so special to share my passion
and everything i love about life

i finally checked off a couple of projects on my list
i am going to stick with the BIG plan - one project at a time
i love simple knitwear with little details

Friday, October 07, 2011

simple good life

cooking, baking, knitting, dyeing, growing, writing...there aren't enough adjectives to described the multi-talented creator and maker behind knit cook.

early summer of this year, i wrote a small post to introduce darlene's new adventure. today wanted to share the launch of knit cook's new website.

with her passion of sharing simple good life, darlene knits and designs simple wearable pieces and musings about cooking and working in her beautiful garden. she believes in home-grown produce ­tomatoes, beans, peas, other wholesome goodies- that taste sweeter than anything you could ever buy in the shops. she prides herself on making delicious food, preaching the simple pleasures like home baked bread or making her own cider. all her patterns are accompanied by an original recipe.

hop on over and say hello.

Monday, September 19, 2011

f o u n d

f o u n d
f o u n d
f o u n d
f o u n d

how many hang bags is too many?

i walked into a store couple weeks ago
and saw this amazing looking
antique swiss soldier mail bag
that i really can't resist..

according to the store owner
it's made in the 30s
it's so old!
there are scratches all over the bag
and even smell a little moldy

but i love it
it has so much character and soul

on the strap
i can still see
his hand carved name, his initials
and number 75 with a swiss cross on the bottom

im smitten!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

if i were a bee

if i were a bee | series
if i were a bee | series
if i were a bee | series

hmm such weird title, i know
these were taken quite some time ago
i recall vividly when i was looking thru the viewfinder
i felt i like this little creature
gliding thru the petals
smelling these handsome beauty

i think at some point in my life
i want to have a little flower shop
i am not sure what happen to that dream
and i got into art school

i have been very inspired lately
so many ideas, so little time to execute them
knitting, sewing, leather making
hmm may be some day
i will have a little store...

Monday, August 15, 2011

a new beginnings...

a  n e w  b e g i n n i n g s
n e w b e g i n n i n g

not long ago
someone had asked me if i will ever get tired of taking photos of a cone of yarn
i paused and said i hope that day may not come

i would like to share with you my latest project -
habu textiles new website

i am honored to have been given such a great opportunity
to work with takako the owner of habu textiles
she has such an impeccable eye for aesthetics
i hope you'll enjoy perusing the new site

thank you again for such wonderful comments
you left me about the leather bag
i really can't wait to make more

that sabbatical might come sooner
if things calm down a little...